Boot Camp

Fight 2 Fitness (F2F) boot camp is designed to improve your overall fitness level by implementing a variety of fitness techniques with a focus on boxing and kickboxing. Our boot camp will push you to your physical limits resulting in increased muscle tone as well as promote weight loss in a healthy and exciting fashion. We keep it fresh and exciting to avoid boredom to ensure you concentrate on reaching your goals.

Session Levels

Beginner: The beginner level classes are designed for entry level members who are somewhat new to a structured fitness program and have minimal boxing skills. These sessions meet twice a week for 4 weeks and each class is a duration of 45 minutes. We highly recommend starting out with this level and then graduating into the more advanced level session.

BoxingBootCampAdvanced: The advanced level sessions incorporate additional boxing techniques as well as advanced high-impact exercises. Advanced level sessions also meet twice a week but are extended to 6 weeks with 30 minute class times.