About Us

Welcome to the Fight2Fitness (F2F) Fitness Program

Fight2Fitness is for ladies interested in a fat loss and/or muscle toning program that provides intensity and variety through a combination of boxing and challenging boot camp exercises.

Your Goals: Your fitness goals and objectives are your own and we can help you to achieve them!

  • Measured progress via fitness assessments (based on several different metrics at the beginning and then again at the end of each of our sessions)
  • See your results and identify areas that may need adjusting
  • Feel great about what you have accomplished!
  • Increase motivation to work on those specific areas that you want to improve

Variety: A wider variety of training techniques to keep it fresh!

  • Boxing and kickboxing
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • High-impact cross training & core exercise
  • Resistant band training
  • Power sled & weight training
  • Cardio circuit stations

We’ve Got You Covered: Don’t worry, we will work at your fitness level.

  • Whether you’re a exercise newbie or a workout fanatic, we provide our members with an all-over, fun and unique fitness program that will provide you with positive results!

The F2F Program is an all-female progressive and structured fitness program that combines basic boxing workouts with circuit and interval training to accelerate fat loss while providing motivation and accountability.

Fight2Fitness:  The FAST and FUN way to get in shape!